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Susan  came from a family of six children, and being the eldest was always around to help with the other children , cooking became a part of everyday living 


Are you missing all that lovely food that Grandma made?

As a Nutritional adviser and Cook I have challenged myself to go back to the past and make food from very old cookery books with recipes dating from the 1930`s

I remember as a child skinning rabbits and preparing fish

Being the eldest of six children  I had always been taught to cook

Throughout my married life ,I always made bread , cakes , deserts and this took up the whole day cooking and filling the cake tins for the week ahead 

These skills were then passed on to my own two children  

After suffering myself for many years with allergies to preservatives / colourants I decided to only eat natural food and then grow my own

Growing my own fruit and vegetables has given me so much sasisfaction  and reward , along with the fresh air , exercise and good nutrition

I believe this has to be the way forward to live a healthier and happy life

 Facebook ......Susan Darby   Tel      07990881532

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